2018 PF



2017 AW

2017 PF



Chictopia 2017 Resort collection We are the Champs Coo, Coo, Coo. Stamina, stamina, stamina. The year of the hen is nigh and may the girls be first at the finish line. Chictopia 2017 Resort collection uses lace, embroideries, and ribbons to create sport-chic dresses, jackets, and bodysuits for the winning girl.

2016 AW

Fruits. Tequila. Fire. Calm. Succulent. Magenta. Lace. Day of the Dead. Fascination. Royal Blue. Everyone loves a TOURIST. The eclectic Chictopia AW16 collection is a mixture of Mexican aesthetics and contemporary sport-chic. Fabrics include lace, silk, virgin wool, alpaca fibre, mohair, and down. Using large contours but retaining the feminine silhouette, embracing exotic colors without sacrificing elegance; the pieces speak a language that is romantic but daring, giving a context of bravery and beauty for the contemporary female.

2016 SS

The textiles and cut of this season is a bold breakthrough for the brand, prints are mixed with textural dobby and jacquard fabrics, and the water-soluble embroidery technique is used in a way to mimic real flower petals. All is combined with the haziness and subtleness of coloured lace and pleated chiffon to depict solidity and ethereality. The collection features the use of cotton fabrics, silk, taffeta and other materials through refined and minimalist contemporary tailoring, defining the asymmetric and draping qualities. The cut is very structured, and takes inspiration from geometric shaping and Oriental silhouettes. Design details such as the elastic slogan waistbands that adorn the shoulders and waist add a touch of androgynous rebellion to the design.

2016 RE

Taking inspiration from the tropical jungles and the monkeys hanging there, a wave of crisp green will seize you breathless. Wit, recklessness and vigor are characteristics every girl embodies. Lime green is a call for nature, colorful prints and jacquard patterns of plantation are all unfamiliar allegories, you’ll never know when a monkey will stop and climb onto you to seek food. Silk organza mingled with soft sheep hide will wrap you in comfort.