Chictopia (Beijing) Clothing. Ltd.


Chictopia (Beijing) Clothing Ltd. was founded on 26 September 2012, it is a company that combines design, production and marketing for the administration of the brand Chictopia. Ever since the establishment of the brand in 2008 by the designer Christine Lau, the company has continuously grown and received focus from the media. In an effort to allow Chictopia to progress in a more whole some and stable environment, Chictopia (Beijing) Clothing Ltd. was born under the brand licensing of Christine Lau.


As one of the most watched independent fashion designer brands, Chictopia not only provides a consistent, creative aesthetic proposal but more over provides a new women’s ideal that promotes a self-centered, relaxed and entertaining life style.


Due to the designer Christine Lau’s background in textile design and her pursuit of perfectionism in regards to materials, Chictopia guarantees only to use natural fibres such as cotton, wool and silk. All of the prints come from Christine’s own original designs, and range from teapots, porcelain dolls, animals, insects and flower pots to all sorts of bold and quirky motifs, these original prints are a large part of Chictopia’s brand identity.  Christine Lau has constantly attempted bold, innovative ideas with the fabric technology. Digital printing, laser cutting, composite coating, embroidery and embossing will always appear in its most avant-garde form in her designs. Chictopia does not get lost in the constant pursue for new ideas, at the same time the brand is highly demanding of even the insignificant details. In Chictopia, even linings and stuffing are all made of natural materials, such intimate care in luxury fashion labels are still very rare.


Each season of design in Chictopia possesses a complete story, with its silhouette bold and assertive, pacing between that of a mature girl and an adorable woman. A rebellious soul hides beneath the feminine aesthetics. The mix of saturated colours with a nostalgic style allows for a refreshing aesthetic, humor within elegance, perseverance of individuality can be seen beneath the art and literary nature of the brand. Denouncing uniformity and blind following, the brand highlights the self and allows for personality to show through.


It is Chictopia’s unique style that makes it highly sought after in the fashion industry, celebrities such as Bingbing Fan, Jingchu Zhang, Shishi Liu, Jie Dong, BaiheBai, Xiaolu Li to Kelly Chen, Angelababy and Charlene Choi are all loyal fans of Chictopia’s designs. Christine Lau received the ELLE 2012 independent designer of the year award, and is the first Chinese designer to have her designadorn the cover of the Chinese Vogue magazine. Chictopia is also the first Chinese independent designer’s label to enter Lane Crawford. Chictopia is the embodiment of new Chinese design and represents a new generation of Chinese independent designers under the pursuit of innovation and quality.


Since its commencement, Chictopia has been growing more and more mature. The cooperation with Asia’s leading specialty store Lane Crawford began in 2013, which allowed Chictopia to successfully stock in stores in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and more, where involvements in the export business began. With this, the brand image and reputation was greatly enhanced. In addition to maintaining contracts with buyer shops, Chictopia started to open direct retail stores in different cities, resulting in a more extensive and professional expansion.      




Fashion designer Christine Lau was born in Beijing and raised in Hong Kong. At the age of 18, she was accepted by Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and trained as a textile designer. After graduation, apart from working as a textile designer, her enthusiasm for fashion motivated her to teach herself to become a fashion designer. The multi-cultural environment she grew up in not only influenced her creative views deeply but also played an irreplaceable role in the forming of her distinctive style for fashion. In 2009, taking her background in textile design as an exceptional advantage, the 24-year old reinvented herself as a fashion designer and found fashion label Chictopia.


Chictopia’s philosophy is to create cutting edge elegance along with originality of designing. The designer ingeniously blends retro elements and modern simplicity together in order to create a style which is exquisite yet classy. Christine Lau believes fabric is the key to fashion, therefore she is very specific when it comes to selecting fabrics for her collections. Designing her own quirky fabric prints for each collection is an unmissable feature of Chictopia, which also makes Chictopia an one of a kind fashion label comparing to the others.

Providing individual and wearable design at reasonable price is always the priority of the label. A Chictopia lady is independent, confident and elegant, who pursues, influences and passes on beauty with passion and attitude of unique in her own way without outside interferences.